Sarah v.2.0 has been corrupted. Needs a re-boot.

One lightning strike.

4 hours, 5 trains, 6 platform changes and a lost driver later I make it home.

It was a welcome reminder of why we’ve left. Another nail in the coffin of ‘NEVER COMING BACK TO THE UK’. The smile of smugness I’d worn as I skipped around London past all the suited workers scurrying out of office blocks I used to frequent was coming loose by the time I trudged through the front door.

Within less than three days my Bali Zen has faded. I even called someone a dickwad on the train. Where did that come from? I haven’t used that word since I was about 16. It just erupted out of me. Luckily he was wearing headphones. Sarah v2.0 (Ubud Sarah) seems to have been corrupted by the virus that is London. She’s fighting to not become obsolete.

But he did smack me up the head with his bag. Dickwad.

London spawns rage. It explains the misery on the streets, the aggression, the stress in the swearing, shoving commuters.

I want to incite a revolt. People, this is not fun. This is not the way it needs to be.

I say this to the wishful thinkers amongst you, I know you’re there because you email me a lot, to those of you verging on the cusp of wanting to break out, those of you who think that maybe there is another life that doesn’t include a commute on Southern trains. Well, guess what? There is! I want to become an evangelist for another way of living, for a life of watermelon and sunshine and happiness.

Believe me. This is not the way it needs to be.

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3 thoughts on “Sarah v.2.0 has been corrupted. Needs a re-boot.

  1. There was a really interesting article in some paper in the winter (in London…i dont think ill be able to find the link now) about the fact that London’s population on public transport is increasing but the fact that now youre squeezed into tubes even when its not officially rush hour nowadays seems to go without much obvious protest. people adjust. ‘keep calm and carry on’ is definitely part of the culture, as cheesy as the mugs or whatever seem to be.but then, you have experienced Mumbai trains so…I dont know…how do you compare their attitude? You have to adjust for economic reasons, dont you? mmmm, but yeah, i feel slightly smug sitting in my parents garden when i hear this kind of stuff. but i miss London and most of all the people, dreadfully…x anna

    • Hey Anna,
      I know, I miss London peeps too but I’m happy with email and meeting up once a year or so. I guess I just don’t get how I put up with it for so long. But then again I loved London in my 20s – it was amazing. I guess like all things you grow out of it and it just amazes me what people will put up with in the UK. I mean Mumbai trains are hellish – but you’re not paying over a thousand pounds a year to use them either. I met a girl fundraising on the street yesterday – she was a biochem grad from Kings and was so bright and so depressed as she said she couldn’t get a decent job and neither could any of her friends. I told her she should start looking abroad and it had never crossed her mind. I think it’s good to open people up to the fact that there are different possibilities, different worlds, that you don’t have to accept the status quo…but you know all this!
      big hugs sx

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