John left Bali yesterday. For good. Kadek cried all day. I stood, looking at all the junk he’d left for me to clear up, and scowled. When I first heard that John had been offered a job in London my first thought was, well at least there’s Skype. It was funny though because about three months before […]

I’m not ready to hang up my travelling boots. I have started discussing with John a plan I am hatching for some time in the mid 2020s when Alula no longer needs stationary parents  (or nearby parents for that matter) when we will buy an old airstream and drive across and around the Americas for […]

I think I did part 1 back in India and I probably talked about wishing that I’d packed an extra suitcase rammed with Percy Pig fizzy pig tails. Also I think I probably talked about wishing I hadn’t wasted valuable baggage weight by packing three shades of nail polish. My friend Cynthia was right. Even […]


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