I can’t tell you who he is but lets just say he’s very well known in the land of tv (behind the camera not in front) and is a wonderfully charming and interesting man. Conversations with him tend to start with me shrieking like a Robert Pattinson girlfan and demanding he give me answers to all sorts of life or death questions, like ‘how short is Tom Cruise really?’, ‘Does Simon Cowell pay women to be his girlfriend?’ and ‘What was Brad Pitt doing in that mayfair establishment?’

The rare conversations I have with him are so juicy that it’s like getting a personal update from the National Enquirer, the difference being with him you know every titbit is pure, unadulterated truth. The reason I mention him is because we had a fabulous conversation the other day (probably less fabulous for him admittedly) and once through with the eye-popping celeb gossip I told him my slightly less interesting news about going travelling around the world.

He thought it agreat idea, thoroughly recommended Australia and a place called the four corners in America and he said he’d put me in touch with some really influential and inspiring non profit people on our way. Of course I was thrilled at that, an intro from him is like being given a blessing from the Pope (you know if you were religious and you actually put stock in that sort of thing) but a little voice in my head was whispering, ‘sod the not profit stuff, ask him if he can introduce you to Alex Skarsgard‘…


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