Can I have a carry?

Where is my helicopter what the man gave me?

Can Barbie come to the beach?

Can I have a carry?

I think Sleeping beauty is best because she has a pink dress don’t you?

Will you build a sandcastle with me?

Does that dog want to eat me?

Can I have a carry?

Why did you say bugger mummy?

Why did that man call me a princess?

But I’m not wearing a pink dress, why would he think I’m a princess?

Can I watch Finding Nemo on your ipod mummy?

Is it spicy? Will it make my mouth fizzy?

Why is my hair wet?

What’s a sweaty betty?

Can I have a carry?

Can I eat the prawn’s head?

Is this the fish’s mouth? I want to eat the fish’s mouth.

Can I have a carry?

Why don’t we have a skito pellant net?

I just like my way. Why do I have to do anyone else’s way?

Can I have a carry?

One thought on “Alula: A day in questions

  1. Hedda says:

    I’m fully inspired! I hope to god my kids are like Alula, totally precocious and wise little beings but flexible as anything. The best is we’ll ‘soon’ find out… am 5 month pregnant! Loving the blog, following it loyally and it makes the days behind the computer in my stuffy office a little more bearable. Can’t wait to go travelling again, maybe next time with a little one in tow! xxx

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