The question ‘Can we live here?’ becomes rhetorical in Bali. Like it’s followed by a silent ‘Do bears shit in the woods?’

Can we live here?

it could be a vogue shoot

What do you reckon?

The neighbours live in a 200 year old teak house. John looks at it. ‘I feel bad. It’s  like they’re living in the potting shed.’

I look up at our villa, towering over the Teak potting shed. It looks like the set of a vogue fashion shoot.  There is an antique daybed overlooking the pool. It is draped with mosquito nets and strewn with so many pillows and cushions that climbing on it requires crampons. I grin back at John.

‘You’re enjoying it aren’t you?’ he says.

‘Yep,’ I say.

I pull on my fake Fendi’s. ‘So all we need to do now is figure out how to get a permanent visa.’

One thought on “Bali: Is the search over?

  1. Debra says:

    I just bought Grazia today and stumbled upon your article. It was a sign! My partner and I have spent the last 7 months travelling around trying to find a place to live for much the same reasons. We’ve also been to Singapore, Bali, Thailand and New Zealand (we had already tried out India three years ago). We loved Bali too and we so sorry to leave but it just didn’t feel like a realistic option to move there. But you seem to be doing it! Are you going to write more details about the practicalities? Or are you saving it for a book? 🙂 As a start though, where did you stay in Bali and how did you find your accommodation?

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