We have twenty four hours left Malaysia before we get back to Bali. Home. As I’m tentatively starting to think of it. We’re going back for 6 weeks to make sure the honeymoon isn’t over.  I haven’t loved Malaysia. Just in case you missed that. But maybe, after Bali, nowhere was going to impress. I’ve been trying to rationalise it, though rationalisation isn’t one of my strong points.

So herewith my for and against list for Malaysia – can we live here?


Handrolls. It sounds like I’m bigging up something off a brothel’s menu when in fact it’s just something off a Chinatown menu. Like springrolls except nicer.

Er – let me keep thinking.


The beaches are pretty dirty.

When buying alcohol in a supermarket you are made to feel like you are buying hard core porn.

The Fashion. I just can’t. Go. There.

This list lacks lustre. I turn to John, ‘I’m writing a list of reasons for and against living in Malaysia. What are your thoughts?’

He pulls a face. ‘There’s only one reason we can’t live here as far as I’m concerned. It’s not Bali.’

it’s just not Bali

3 thoughts on “Malaysia – can we live here?

  1. Claire says:

    Really enjoying reading your blogs!
    Me and my boyfriend are also going to Bali next week to set up shop, so hearing all the nice things youve had to say has made me even more excited and up for going!!
    Hope you find what your looking for.
    Good luck and enjoy!

    1. boublog says:

      oh how exciting. Where are you going to be in Bali and what is your plan? Do tell.

  2. Claire says:

    Were going to be in staying in Legian. The web page, mysurfingpix.com, is hopefully gonna be filled with our pics very soon which we hope to sell millions of.. Thats the plan, we will be heading there on tue, cant wait!

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