The last three days have been some of the longest of my life. I’ve been waiting to hear back from 11 publishers. I wrote a book about a year ago. Well I started it a year ago. It’s fiction. Of the young adult variety. Kind of Twilight meets Heroes but my main character could take Edward Cullen any day. Oh yeah you twihards out there. I’m serious. Anyway, I got an agent – a brilliant agent. One of the best agents in London. And after three months of working on an edit she sent it off to a list of publishers whose names were so illustrious that it gave me the shakes. I mean seriously – there are editors at Penguin, Hodder, Harper Collins and Orion reading my book. Right now. What universe am I living in?

I only wrote the thing because I was swimming one day and musing on the fact that Stephanie Meyer is a multi-millionaire. And I’m not. And I thought – hell I’m going to write a book too. So I did. Anyway, the last three days have been torture. I’ve had 5 nos. But 2 of those were of the ‘we deliberated so hard and it was a close run thing’ variety.  Which actually is worse than the plain ‘NO’s. So here I sit, drinking coffee waiting for the sun to light up the other side of the globe and bring yet more rejections. And possibly amongst the 6 remaining (come on Simon & Schuster) a yes.

I guess I’m telling you all this because you read me. And because I believe in the power of collective good vibes (all that ecstatic dancing has gone to my head). So if everyone focuses really hard we could have a Paul Mckenna moment and make Penguin / Simon Schuster / Faber / Atom / Harper Collins and Hodder all say yes. Or maybe just one of them.

Let’s try it and if you do I’ll send you all a free copy when it gets published.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “A favour please

  1. Cathy says:

    I’m in!! YES is yours !!

  2. tanya says:

    i am becoming a fab, it seems! your posts seem to get better and better. you create an incredible sense of atmosphere. the shopping ones, and disasters with Lula (pee etc) I found very amusing. But somehow this one and the one about the dancing had a greater impact on me – it is like I am drawn into your world. You have much talent, methinks. Keep it up – sitting here on my Swiss verandah…….

  3. Elisabetta says:

    Sending you loads of positive vibes!!! Good luck, I hope your dream comes true. I’ve been following since the article in Grazia and read all your posts dreaming I’m there… maybe one day I will be.. I’m working towards it!!! Ciao x x Elisabetta

  4. Jill says:

    Got everything crossed for you x

  5. tanya says:

    oh just seen my typo: meant of course becoming a “fan”! and of course they will say yes, if not now, then next time.

  6. Paola says:

    You have an agent and your book has been sent to 11 publishers? WOW! You are a winner already… C’mon you know you are good, keep believing and stay strong… and if you are feeling really, really low, just have another pillow talk with God ;)))
    Fingers crossed. Paola.

  7. lozza says:

    Good luck Sarah. Here’s hoping. Like the photos.

  8. boublog says:

    Thank you ALL SO MUCH. Susan Miller tells me this is the month it’s gonna happen. And Susan NEVER lies.

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