Almost three years ago John told me that the future was full of outrageous potential (he wrote that in his wedding vows –ahhhhhh it’s like a Nicholas Spark’s movie). I believed him. But I never knew he meant this outrageous.

I’m not sure even he envisaged a two book deal from Simon & Schuster.

Thank you for the vibes people. It paid off. My book, Hunting Lila, is going to be published. And the sequel too.

I guess there’s a lesson here – never stop believing in outrageous potential. And never give up on the story you want to write.

Ok. Enough of the Eckhart Tolle-ising. I’m going to make myself puke.

I’ve had about 4 hours sleep in 72 hours. The water ratio in my body is about 50% vodka. And a small child is trying to show me the wand she has just made.

Just one more thing though.

Thank you John and Alula for the adventure (and the three weeks alone on a beach in Goa to just write – your wand is really good Lula), thank you Vic for being the best friend and best reader a girl could hope for, thank you Nic – I love you and miss you quite a large amount. Thank you Tom for your support and being my big brother, thank you Sara for that first phone call letting me know I could write. Thank you Tara – Goan roomie and American editor – I owe you for explaining the difference between a vest and a tank top (and a few other things like that). Thank you all my blog readers – the kindness of strangers is quite an amazing thing. Thank you Amanda, agent extraordinaire, for loving Lila and Alex as much as I do (he is pretty damn hot – are we happy to share him?). Thank you Susan Miller – you are so on the money (shuttup Andrew).

Oh and finally thanks to all my Ubud buddies for celebrating with me. Same again tonight yeah?

(She weeps and clutches Oscar to her chest. Exit stage left).

5 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. elisabetta says:

    Saturday morning in London and a bit hangover… but what a great news!!!!:)))))))As a blog follower I’m so happy for you Sarah, I can’t wait to read the books, keep amusing us with your blog please!
    All the best for the future!! Elisabetta x x

  2. tanya says:

    sarah – i am so very very happy. can’t wait to read the book! x tanya

  3. Jill says:

    Well done Sarah – can’t wait to purchase!!

  4. Esther Gotink says:

    Clap clap clap clap! Hurrah!

  5. Phil says:

    super… from what I know, this is well-deserved. I’ll be pre-ordering.

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