Today a  lady called Bobbi hammered my hand, arm and neck with a chinese instrument of torture, involving six sharpened needles and a whole lotta pain. Now it looks like this.

this is after she wiped the blood off

looks like John got a little hungry? Nah. that's from a hammer. Does it work? Don't yet know. It hurts. It bled.

The day my arm stopped working (strained ligaments from all the atm withdrawals) my keyboard also stopped working. Universe trying to tell me something? Anyway, the acupuncture seems to be working.

But typing one handed bores me. So here in photo form is our day yesterday…be prepared.

recognise this place? that's right. M&S. Sans Percy Pigs however. And for some reason selling woolen snoods. Just what I need. The underwear was also $50 a pack so I guess I'm commando for a few more weeks. So to vent, I let Lula run around in a pair of high heels. Actually I didn't let her. She helped herself.

busted by security outside the shop of top. I know I went all righteous following India and vowed not to shop there again blah blah convictions wane you know...

How cute is this little number? I was going to have a J Crew style one made up for me but then I saw this for 15 dollars and thought I'd give my tailor some time off. but my boobs have shrunk to such a state of nothingness I need to get it taken in. so back to the tailor's today (I have another Missoni dress being made up shhhh don't tell John). but this is why I'm looking like I'm about to do the chicken dance. I'm holding it to avoid giving you a page three experience. A microscopic page 3 experience.

All my lovely new clothes. and a my little pony for lula. because the world needs more purple plastic. and I needed silence. Thank you Centro Mall.

Lula rockin her new t-shirt. I made her take off the matching shorts. She still doesn't get co-ordinating. Instead I clashed her with her green batik shorts and red fake crocs. Pure class. I then accessorized with two flowers and a ceramic tiger which I feel adds a certain je ne sais quois to the outfit. I should style for vogue. undoubtedly.

I totally needed pyjamas too. It's getting cool at night, lately dropping below 25. And here I am running in our garden away from all the ants.

oh and I almost forgot. Today we bought this too. The view I mean. This is the view from the balcony of our house in Ubud. We will be decorating with a few ceramic tigers and then renting it out to holidaymakers in search of Javier Bardem come 2011. Come stay for free before then. Did I mention the pool? And when I say free I mean 2 bottles of duty free vodka and some percy pigs is the rental for one week.

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