Things I could do today in Ubud:

Learn about Sacred Commerce (but first I’d have to understand what that meant)

Join with others in a Galactic and Universal Movement of Consciousness which will bring back Heaven on Earth (but smoking dope here could lead to 500 years hard labour so I’m not sure what the success rate here is going to be).

Go yogic swimming. (Wah?)

Figure out what Body alchemy is and do it.

Make golden health from heaviness (And again with the Wah?)

Rediscover my authentic expression. (Think I already discovered it and this blog is absolute proof.)

Get myself a Psychic cat reading, except I don’t have a cat so maybe she could do one on the turtle. Oh wait, the turtle’s gone AWOL, maybe on the fish then?

Try seven spheres dancing because when we dance freedom and only freedom, we invite unity in diversity, responsibility, connectivity and gratitude….

Go to either laughing yoga, venus yoga, jungle yoga, yin yoga, ashtanga yoga, ashtanga yoga in Japanese, hatha yoga or restorative yoga. (Or just lie on the bed and ask Kadek to bring me tea).

Eat raw cake, chocolate milkshake and French fries with wasabi mayonnaise for breakfast but I did that yesterday so maybe not again today.

Have my tarot cards read (Or alternatively get Lula to interpret her Disney Princess snap cards for me – you will be a princess mummy with a beautiful dress and a handsome prince will rescue you –  I think I like this version better).

Be regressed (I was told to do this during a goddess circle so I know I should but the only person I have found so far who can do regressions is a total fruitloop. As opposed to a completely sane, inauthentic, unraw person like all the other people in Ubud.)

Go for crystal sound healing (but we all know I won’t after the last time).

Get colonically irrigated (but now I know about the margarine lube I don’t think so).

Have a sacred body ritual to renew my body, mind and spirit that will nourish me and send me into bliss. Apparently. But it’s costs about $20 dollars and John may lay claim to providing the same result for free and contest the wasted dollars.

I could do any of the above today.

Or I could just stay in bed, eat popcorn and watch Donald Draper.

One thought on “What to do today….dilemmas in Ubud.

  1. Andy Pag says:

    What? No Aurvedic fried breakfasts in Bali? No meditation pizza? No ‘Yoga Magic 3’ on your playstation? I’m in awe 0f your ability to tough it out Sarah.

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