I just got paid. It’s very exciting. Money. For writing down all the crazy stuff that my imagination comes up with. How mental is that? Also I’m excited because today I appeared as a headline ABOVE Julian Assange.

that's me ABOVE Julian Assange

Bet he’s gutted.

Anyway with the chaching still ringing in my ears I thought I’d be all adult and like, um, budget. Almost had to google the definition but then I remembered I used to write budgets all the time for big volunteering projects. But then I remembered my technique for that went something like ‘so 10K for um materials, and let’s say 15K for my management fee and um what about 20K for say volunteer expenses, no that’s not right I should get more than the volunteers…’ and then a vastly inflated budget would get approved. Just like that. And back then I hadn’t even appreciated the depths my imagination could plumb or considered how much further creative writing could take me.

Anyway as I’m the one approving this budget I figure I’d better be a bit more circumspect with my spending review.

Thus far my budget looks like this:

Flights                                           $3000

Tax                                                 $0

(I will figure it out next year by which time have sold my film rights and it will be fine…lalala head rebury in sand)

Topshop fund                               $500

(If I allocate now I will avoid that guilty feeling when I enter those hallowed Oxford Circus halls and hand over my credit card for clothing which I am NOT too old for).

Film trailer                                    $ 1000

(True value? Priceless. I get to sit on the casting couch for Alex. You can’t put a price on getting to actually touch see my lead character in the flesh).

Rent                                                $ 2000

(here’s hoping we manage to rent our house over the summer and I get to take this 2000 and add it to the Topshop fund  instead).

Pension                                            $0

(I’m going to die when I’m 62 so what’s the point of saving for tomorrow?)

Projector, ipad, surround sound system, washing machine (all of which I intend to use except the last one)            um $1500?

Cleaner                                                    $800

(Really this item should come at the top of the list, before Topshp, before the casting couch, even before rent and school fees.)

Circumspect right?





4 thoughts on “How to Budget

  1. vic says:

    I’m sure you meant to include “Harvey flights” in there too, right?!! When those film rights get granted, you need your casting couch buddy and she can’t avoid the flight on her own!! x

  2. Well done on being signed to LBA, and on achieving the damned near impossible goal of a real publishing deal Sarah! I got signed by Luigi, and was also picked up by Simon & Schuster, possibly just after you, in September 2010 after an auction.

    Very exciting times, are they not?! I’ve learned a hell of a lot about publishing in a very short time since being signed, and like you am looking forward to seeing my debut novel on the shelves. Enjoy the ride, race you to the first film deal! :o)

    Dean Crawford

    1. boublog says:

      Hey Dean, Congrats! It is very exciting isn’t it? And I hear you about thinking it’s happening to someone else and the joy of just being able to write full time. Think we’re running at the same points too. I just finished my line edit and it’s with the copy editor now. They sent me the concept for the cover last week – another high point.
      Let’s stay in touch…sarah x

  3. Dean Crawford says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You’re right, we’re at about the same point in the process. My line-edit is done, copy-edit due about now and just waiting to see the jacket art. I’m about a third of the way through book two ( I signed a three book global deal ) which is going well, but it’s a little intimidating knowing that I have to equal or hopefully better book one.

    Will indeed stay in touch 🙂

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