The story of the Princess - dictated to me by Alula

The princess' name is Pretty - just in case you can't read that

Alula's anatomically correct illustration of a baby being born (she drew it on the wrong page she was so eager)

And they all lived happily ever after.


3 thoughts on “The world (and childbirth) according to Lula

  1. Sharon Tynan says:

    Im sooo loving the last paragraph – why didnt the butterflies come out in the sky and where was all the glitter and light when my babies came out of my tummy?……… can you ask Lula who I can complain to please 😉

  2. Sarah Arnold says:

    Triplets – poor girl! that’s not a fairytale its a bloody nightmare!! 🙂 Kidding – What a clever gorgeous girl – big kisses to all xxx

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