For those of you who’ve followed us since the beginning you’ll remember that our reasons for leaving the UK were numerous. We wrote these reasons on post-its and stuck them on the wall of our bedroom in south east London before we decided to up stix and get the hell out of dodge. The reasons included: spend more time with Alula, be healthy, swim everyday, no commute, no working 9-5 ever again, live a 4 hour work week and of course, HOT SUN.

Hence Bali. Hence the fact that can we live here turned into, hell yes we can live here and then into oh, look we are living here (I just didn’t want to buy all those different URLs).

We’re lucky, I managed to get a really good book deal whilst we were still travelling and John being the super talented designer that he is hustled his butt off in Singapore, set up his own company and has not stopped working since. We both work pretty much full time (so much for the ‘work a four hour week’ post-it – but we both love our jobs so that’s cool) and admittedly I work beside the pool a lot. And I can stop to watch episodes of Buffy and / or decide that I need a three week break by the sea to recharge my brain whenever I like. We’re lucky and we’re oh so grateful for the way life has panned out.

Up until now John’s been spending about 2 days a week in Singapore but now he’s been offered a job at probably the best design company in the world.  A permanent job that is.

Excuse me whilst I tear up the post-its which said ‘no 9-5’ and ‘no commute.’

Now to me, the idea of ever working again for anyone else sends me into such a panic that my throat closes over in much the same way it does when someone with a peanut allergy eats a snickers bar.

Recently I did my birth chart and discovered that I should never, ever work for anyone because ‘I don’t respond well to being managed.’

If only I’d known that ten years ago. Could have saved a lot of my ex bosses a lot of heartache and stress.

But no point looking back. And thank God I’ve discovered a way of working that doesn’t involve a boss. I mean I have an editor but it doesn’t feel like she’s my boss. It feels like she’s Willy Wonka and she’s giving me the keys to the chocolate factory of my dreams (no oompah loompahs on my factory line, only clones of Alex Skarsgard naked swimming in the chocolate lake…sorry I digress).

Anyway for John this role is like gold dust. It’s a career high, a once in a lifetime offer that will really open doors– potentially to places we might want to move at some point (sagittarius remember?).  But as I write this my bottom lip is sliding up and out. I’m pouting I realize, in a way that even Alula would be envious of.

We’ve come this far just to slip back into a similar routine to the one we had in London only replacing Starbucks with coconuts and south eastern trains with Air Asia. And replacing the child minder with well, um, me. Hang on. This doesn’t feel right.

Ok, so the childcare thing isn’t so bad, especially as Kadek is there to make pancakes. We can hang out at the pool as opposed to Croydon Rec, and there’s no waiting around for trains at London Bridge panicking at whether I’ll make it back in time to pick Alula up. But what does this mean for us if John takes the job?

What does it mean for our relationship? For my sanity as a part time single mother? For Alula? What does it mean for our dream? We haven’t compromised on anything thus far, other than not living in the same time zone as fashion, I’m not sure I want to start now.

8 thoughts on “The 9-5 encroaches on the dream

  1. PAOLA says:

    Our values change with time, maybe you want to reconsider your dreams’s ok to if they change, no? You wrote (I know you don’t need me to re-write if for you but it sounded cool….) “for John this role is like gold dust. It’s a career high, a once in a lifetime offer that will really open doors– potentially to places we might want to move at some point” .. Would you really ‘sacrify’ a possible once in a lifetime experience’ to stick to your dreams? You will surely still be writing maybe by the pool of your luxury apartment tower/house while John takes the train (o maybe walks) to go and enjoy his ‘once in a lifetime’ job, and both will be pretty much doing what you both love.. Alula? She’s a worrior and surely will enjoy the buzz of a new city….you can always try, like it or later ‘fuck it’ again (since you know very well how to do it) and go back in Bali anytime … You don’t need to answer to anyone, you don’t need to justify your choices, you only need to do what makes you happy and only you guys know what to do … Sure you will find the way….and I would love to read all about it …from Seychelles, with Love

    1. boublog says:

      Paola thanks for the words. I think whatever happens our home will stay in Bali – it’s where we love, where our friends are, where we’ve worked hard to build a sense of community and then there’s Alula’s school. I guess it just means living apart for half the week. And we’ll maybe see how it goes. You’re right. If it doesn’t work it’s no big deal. We’ll just say fuck it again!

      with love back

  2. yikes, tough decision! But life does not stand still and I say take all the opportunities that come your way as people usually regret what they didn´t do. I don´t think I will see my husband as much over the next 4 years in Cuba but there was no turning down this job. It will really help that your career is shooting off too.

  3. Michelle says:

    Ah Sarah, such a huge decision. I have no helpful advice for you unfortunately. Its great John has been offered this role (obviously very talented), but how will it affect your lives is the big question. Its not easy being away from each other for so long. I saw Alula on Tuesday and she told me you were both working…hopefully not too hard! Good luck with the big decision whatever you decide.

  4. Elisabetta says:

    Ciao Sarah, I’m writing you from work meaning London-Office-Cold… remember?? Anyway this post makes me a bit sad (not that I was having a brill day..)… I just wanted to say, on your last paragraph you asked four questions…
    Thinking of you, Betta x x

  5. boublog says:

    thanks guys, it’s so nice to think you’re all thinking of me and good advice from all of you too. i’ll let you know what we decide, but one thing’s for sure no way I’m moving to Singasnore.

  6. you know when I lived in HK, there was always the threat of being transferred to Singapore and we were worried, HK wasn´t easy but you could still live on the wild side and Bali well that is a paradise to never give up!

  7. Tara Lindis says:

    I wouldn’t raise a child for the long term in Singapore for a multitude of reasons (it’s too safe being one – raise kids there and they won’t have an ounce of street sense and they’ll be jacked up by the time they get to Thailand – and the schools being another) but for the short term, it wasn’t so bad, easy to get around, a ton of up and coming design, my favorite book store in the world is on Club Street, good cheap food at the hawker stands, more coffee joints than Seattle, good flea market in Chinatown on Saturday mornings. There are far worse places…

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