Bird song Cool air South east accents (lots of fucking this fucking that) Pints of beer Kettle chips Roast lamb Strawberries and raspberries Croquet Beer bellies Bad fashion (I’m in the provinces) It’s light still at 7pm! Aggression Wine wine wine Goat’s cheese An English country garden complete with roses and um, I don’t know the name of any flowers but is there anything more beautiful than an English country garden? Other than possibly Ubud Botanical Garden after a pizza. A stack of shiny new books A duvet Carpet The Sunday papers Charity shopping Pavements you can scooter down (and not have to call sidewalks so people understand what you’re talking about) Smooth roads Hello magazine royal wedding supplement Washing up (sucks) Fish & Chips Grazia Magazine The proliferation of floral playsuits and soft white flesh

I do like being back in the UK. It’s a bit like living in a Larkin poem.

One thought on “Back in the UK

  1. FOr over 8 years now I have taken that trip home with various offspring ….. what I miss is British WIT. And I always find my people so kind and helpful and ………with lost luggage swallowed credit cards, crying toddlers at times only the kindness of strangers has got me through. After 8 years of living in country like Guatemala you start to think everyone in the first world is mean and selfish ………. but when I get home I always find the opposite, especially up north!! I´ll be home in 2 weeks, just as well the rain is pouring down here ……

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