Out January 5th….in the UK and in Canada and Australia…my latest epic. This one isn’t about people with mind powers or crushes on their brother’s best friend. No. This one is about a demon slayer. Think Buffy but with some children of the corn type action thrown in and way hotter boys. Yes, hotter than Angel (cos let’s face it he got a bit jowly towards the end didn’t he?)

This I hope will tide you over until the sequel to Hunting Lila is released in August next year.


  1. I cannot wait for this to arrive with the postman!
    And while I have to say I agree with Angel being jowly at the end, it’s gonna take a lot to beat season 2 Angel/Angelus that’s currently stuck in my head. Although Alex in Hunting Lila got very close šŸ™‚

    1. Sarah says:

      I have to admit that Spike was my crush by the end of Buffy though…I mean that ‘you’re the one Buffy’ speech – gives me shivers thinking about it!

      1. Nicola says:

        I was die-hard Buffy/Angel until I got tumblr, but with all the Spike related posts that turn up on there, now I’m not so sure!

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