I have been lame at keeping up the blog. I think I needed a break. Thanks for bearing with me. I’m going to post several posts at once.

Well, Alula turned six and started first grade! Can you believe it? We left the UK when she was 3 so it feels now like she’s spent half her life living overseas and is a proper ex-pat kid. A theory confirmed today when John and I tried to work out where she’d been disappearing to for half hours at a time. It turned out she was running next door and having the lovely Balinese girls who live there braid her hair and paint her nails.

This morning she woke up and asked me if she had time to run next door and get her hair braided and a pedicure before school. Holy hell. We’re really not sure how she’s going to adapt if she ever has to rejoin the ‘real’ world. Though frankly the real world is overrated.

We have managed to get on top of the cleaning up after herself and treating the babysitter like a gimp though. We no longer have a babysitter (see my next post) and we introduced pocket money. She has to tidy up all her toys, make her bed and bring her plates to the sink. In exchange she gets a dollar a day to spend at school at the raw food warung. Yes, Green School Bali, possibly the only school on earth that has it’s own raw food warung selling raw chocolate dinosaur truffles and green smoothies good enough to bribe kids with.

Actually, at Alula’s party the other day, I looked around at her group of friends and honestly felt like she is growing up in the best place in the world. They’re the most polite, kind, loving and generous-hearted six year olds I’ve ever encountered. All of them growing up without TV or the evils of advertising, practicing yoga, learning two languages at school and immersed in the beauty of this Hindu animist culture. We had a treasure hunt which led them to a statue in the garden.

‘Ganesha!’ they all cried.

This morning John and I found an offering Alula had made and placed at his feet.Image

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