I’m super excited to share the news that my first adult book is out now!


It’s published under the pen name Lola Salt and it’s a comedy romance. Think Bridget Jones if Jackie Collins wrote it.

It’s a collaboration with the fabulous Becky Wicks. We met when Becky was in Bali writing a travel memoir and, over a bottle of wine and a rant about 50 Shades, we decided to have a go at writing erotica – I mean, how hard could it be?

Turns out, very. We giggled too much writing the naughty scenes, so eventually we decided to quit trying to write erotica and stick with comedy…and so The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft) was born. We sent our Lara off on a series of adventures, mostly inspired by actual events that had occurred to me and Becky. We even had Lara visiting the Island of the Gods where I had particular fun drawing from all the whack job crazy folks I’ve met over the last three years. Obviously, for the record, it’s ALL A WORK OF FICTION, ahum.

Here’s the Blurb:

When ex-circus employee Lara Craft is dumped for a contortionist, there’s no point in sticking around. Delivering packages to random global corners for a mysterious concierge company seems like the perfect way to hide from her humiliation.

As she travels, a suitcase full of whips and props might well prepare Lara for proposals by Arabic princes, advances from Christian cowboys and kidnappings by pirates, but nothing can prepare Lara Craft (not Croft) for what happens when she discovers that the best and most exciting thing about her life is right where she least expected to find it. 

And you can buy it from AMAZON in every country NOW!

And follow us on Twitter @LolaSalt

And to wet your appetite further, some of our favorite lines from the book, including this one which actually happened to me in Bali:

“I hope you’ll stay for Blissology?’ the man suddenly said, grabbing for her hand.

‘For what?’

Davidoff smiled serenely at her. ‘I’m a holistic escort. I have a PHD in Blissology from the Maharishi Kundalini University of Carlsbad. I’m about to hold a session.’
‘Right,’ said Lara. ‘What do you do exactly?’
‘Well, I interpret our human purpose by looking at quantum physics, an individual’s astrological alignments and the I Ching.’
‘And what does that mean exactly in English,’ she questioned, feeling herself zoning out.”

“This isn’t just any shirt,’ he told her. ‘This shirt was worn by he-who-must-not-be-named in the first of the Twilight films.’

Lara’s mouth fell open. She blinked several times. What was he talking about? Voldemort wasn’t even in Twilight.”

“Somehow, perhaps because of the way he spoke in a manner reminiscent of Jack Bauer from 24, Lara calmed down.

She repeated his words in her head. Wait. Assess. Intel. Yes, OK, that sounded sensible.

Then the hysterical coward in her reared up unannounced and she tried to run for the door again.”

“Don’t you want to find your purpose?’
Lara glared at her. ‘Right now my purpose is to get the hell out of here and then I’ll figure the rest of it out the normal way; by drinking vodka. Or maybe I’ll read Eat, Pray, Love all the way through…”

“He took her around the place, pointing out the hybrids and divulging a few of their clients. Lara could barely believe so many celebrities she knew were actually sick and in need of medical marijuana. She tried to make a mental note of their names but knew she’d forget them later, given that she’d already forgotten her own middle name.”

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