and and me

The balcony is covered in hair. Alula’s blond curls lying there like tumbleweed. We both just had several inches lopped off by Karin the lovely Swiss hairdresser (Alula has not stopped crying for about 3 hours since claiming she now looks like a boy, but that’s a whole other story.)

I stare at the sweepings and this being Bali, instead of thinking, ‘Oooh I should get a broom and throw that in the bin’ I think to myself ‘Hmmmm I should get a broom, put that in the bin and burn it just in case someone gets hold of it and puts a black magic curse on me.’

I have been here too long.

But seriously. That shit happens here. And I don’t fully trust my neighbour Nyoman. She smiles at me when I walk past and she nods and says thank you every time I hand her the money for offerings but it’s an alligator smile. I get the sense that what she’d really like to do is snap her jaws around my head and yank it from my neck in one savage go.

This happened to a friend of mine. Not the having her head ripped off by a half woman half alligator. She was sick for months and months. Finally she went to see a Balian (a Balinese priest) and was told that someone had stolen some hair from her hairbrush and used it to put a voodoo spell on her.

Crazy town.

But I still don’t want Nyoman to get her hands on my hair so I’m going to hunt for some matches.

Better safe than sorry.

4 thoughts on “Hair Today, Cursed Tomorrow

  1. liadisini says:

    Instead of burning them, you should just bury them.

  2. Jacqui. says:

    There are alternatives to burning the hair. I wasn’t allowed to even go to a hairdresser until I was about 14. Before then, mum would cut my hair (in daylight only, although to be fair, that’s quite sensible on all fronts), sweep it up and put it in a giant envelope which she stored at the back of the filing cabinet. Presumably bad spirits are allergic to bureaucracy?

    1. SarahAlderson says:

      I didn’t actually burn it. I couldn’t be bothered in the end. 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    Tell Alula, she could never look like a boy! Also, mention Georgia is starting Karate and that its cools for girls to have shorter hair as it can get in the way when you want to do high kicks 🙂 You look a bit sad here Sarah darling. RUOK?
    I am home all w’end studying so maybe we could Skype? ‘tanjacrew’ While we are still in the same hemisphere. My only regret is that I didn’t get back to see you and Asa before you leave for the northern hemisphere 😦
    I think you’ll be back though….at least on your world wind promotional tour of your new movie…’ll have to go to Sydney and Melbourne as well as New York and London 🙂 🙂

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