I think I did part 1 back in India and I probably talked about wishing that I’d packed an extra suitcase rammed with Percy Pig fizzy pig tails. Also I think I probably talked about wishing I hadn’t wasted valuable baggage weight by packing three shades of nail polish. My friend Cynthia was right. Even though I have bog all to do and have long since given up laundry/cooking/map reading I still can’t find the time to redo my chipping nail varnish.

So herewith, other things I wish I had known before setting off on this crazy round the world jaunt.

1. When choosing locations for your round the world trip factoring in countries that make wine should come top. Factoring in countries where wine is overtaxed, overpriced and / or illegal should also come top.

2. Seven months (and counting) of near 24/7 (let’s just ignore the full time nanny detail in Bali) parenting is harder than I thought possible. It’s relentless. I wish I had known to pack valium and I wish I had ignored John and bought that portable dvd player. I wish also that I hadn’t bought so many Starbuck’s frapaccino’s and had been able to afford an au pair.

3. I wish I had known that the pat myself on the back extra 20% I added onto my round the world budget was a joke. I should have added an extra nought.

4. I wished I’d packed more underwear to replace the pants lost in the Balinese laundry ether.

Things I am glad about however…

1. I am glad we’ve come this way around the globe – East to West. It’s enabled us to appreciate the contrast in cultures much more. Fat to thin (India) to Fat (Australia) and then Fatter (USA). It’s also enabled me to grow spiritually.

Oh who am I trying to kid? Not you guys, you know me better, rather it’s enabled me to follow the sun and get a really good tan.

2. I am oh so very glad to have left the UK at the height of the recession, to have said FUCK IT. To have taken the leap and to have wound up here (well not here here, here being a skank motel on route 91 just outside LA) but here, with a whole new life about to begin as a bohemian writer living in Bali with my own pool and a nanny (that last not for me). And if this blog has inspired just one of you readers to do the same then I am glad.

The view from over here is amazing

3 thoughts on “Things I wish I had known before leaving the UK; part 2

  1. Nic says:

    Your journey and the sheer fact that you are on it and not just talking about it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. They were possibilities before but are ‘real’ possibilities now.
    I can’t wait to catch up after a massive hug. Roll on Sept.
    Much love
    Nic x

  2. Phil says:

    I’m inspired. In fact, I’m making plans. I’m not sure this is the year, but it just might be. And I will be taking into account both the availability and the cost of good wine and cold beer.

    Oh, and BTW, the Aussies are officially fatter than the Americans. Really.

    1. boublog says:

      Yay! how fantastic. I love to hear of people following their dreams and ditching out of the mainstream. As for Aussies being fatter than Americans, wow. thought that was genuinely impossible.

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