I figured out that in the last two weeks we’ve travelled far more than we ever did in 6 months travelling. I’m not sure how that is possible.

What I do know is that 4000 miles of California’s highways and country lanes are infinitely more alluring than the M1, that the only thing left in my cooking repertoire is shepherd’s pie and even that I can now only be bothered to make with a packet of Coleman’s shepherd’s pie seasoning and that it was easier with one bag of clothes for 6 months than a carload of clothes for 1 week in the north of England because whilst travelling I only needed a vest and a pair of shorts and here I need about ten layers to feel even remotely lukewarm.

It went like this – Buckinghamshire, South East London, London, Croydon, Chester, Manchester, Cumbria, Buckinghamshire (for an hour’s pit stop so John could pick up his running shoes which do you think he’s used? What do you reckon people?) then Sussex. In the space of 10 days. I feel like I need to take to my bed with a lavender heated pillow, some wool slippers and a mountain of books to recover. Oh, actually that’s what I have just done (I read the final two books in the Hunger Games series in little over 48 hours and am now fully emotionally spent).

Have there been highlights (other than the lazing in a bed with slippers, hot water bottles and books)? Well let’s see. I’ve drunk a lot of wine. In fact I’ve drunk wine like a camel hoping it will swell my cells and tide me over the dry wine months ahead in Indonesia. I’ve eaten a fair few fizzy pig tails and a really good roast chicken. I’ve walked along a sunny canal path in Chester with my brother and our families and sat in a pub garden drinking a pint. I’ve hugged a lot of friends and danced at the loft. I’ve taken the tube and remembered how much I loathe tourists who stand on the left on escalators. I’ve realized yet again that no matter how good it looks on the hanger I really am too old for Topshop and I’ve found a really good shade of lipstick that really helps grab the attention of barmen in crowded bars. I’ve been to a wedding and actually danced to Justin Timberlake. I’ve bought a can opener (though why I don’t know, it’s not like I actually plan on cooking ever again, but maybe John will find a use for it). And tonight – tonight I get to watch spooks. Though I expect to be fully disappointed yet again when they fail to bring Adam back from the dead.

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