I thought it about time I updated you on several important situations.

Namely my hair and my sunglasses.

Short long short long. I grew my hair whilst travelling because I only trust one person in the world to cut it and unfortunately I’m not yet rich enough to fly her out to wherever I am in the world. I went for a cunning combination without doing anything too punk. Short short fringe. The rest long. I like. And John can snip my fringe when it starts hitting my eyelashes.

On the subject of the fringe, Alula is delighted as now we have snap fringes. Except, I tell her, mine is the A/W rounded edge collection. So ahead of the times baby. (Hers is only the Spring 2010 Supercuts special).

On the subject of sunglasses, you might remember these babies. And oh how everyone joked. The funny thing is if I’d shown you the picture of the Mexican pool boy hat that I bought to go with them then you really would have had something to laugh about. When I get back to Bali I shall post that one for your amusement. But until then, see how well they go with my chloe dress. Similar beige stripes. How’s that for fashion?

And the piece de resistance, my new sunglasses, bought for $3.49 in the Goodwill in downtown SF. Dierdre Barlow eat your heart out.

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