A list of the people I have met in the last five days:

  1. Iridolgist
  2. Raw food cook
  3. Colonic irrigator
  4. Sexuality through yoga teacher
  5. Tarot reader
  6. Theta balancer
  7. Ecstatic dance teacher
  8. Feng Shui Balancer
  9. Soapnut evangelist

Where are all the accountants and lawyers?

They are not here I have figured, because there is no place for them in Ubud. No one is interested in money here because they are too busy meditating in a rice paddy and balancing their karma to balance their books. And the law – well the law seems to have no place in Indonesia full stop.

I am thinking of working on a novel based here. I wouldn’t have to make anything up because you really couldn’t make this stuff up.  No one would believe it wasn’t fiction anyway.

It would be like Jilly Cooper, only exchanging Polo and double barreled names for yoga and chosen names.

The only problem is I shall have to write it when we’re ready to leave (which won’t be for a while because Kadek the cleaner / cook / nanny / angel started yesterday and sure as hell I ain’t leaving now) because it’s a small town and I don’t want to find myself sent to coventry. I absolutely love being able to walk down the street and fall into conversation with whoever. It’s the friendliest, most welcoming town in the world. Just not for bankers or accountants or lawyers.

The thing that stops me from picking up pen today however,  is what I’d have to do in the name of research.


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