5.45am view from the balcony

Princess bed.

our bale

Bali Buddha deli. For when you need a $10 loaf of bread

This picture is so Ubud. Buy your organic cakes and coffee. And have your palm read at the same time. Love it.

our street.

John Lewis bag. Check. Mexican Viva la revolucion bag. check. Mexican pool boy hat. check.

3 thoughts on “Ubud: First days

  1. Tara Lindis says:

    What’s happened with the economy and price of bread in Ubud? We bought the best bread on the planet almost daily at Bali Buddha for just under $2. It’s now $10? If the Bali were French, there’d be a revolution in the works… but I guess it helps if you can get a latte for $2 and a massage for $8…

  2. Emily says:

    I am so living vicariously through you guys! Danke, as they say in Berlin. (Jona in the UK put me in touch with your blog – if you can say that). Keep posting, please. Especially as the weather here turns.

    1. boublog says:

      thank you! don’t live vicariously! do it!

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