Today is an exceptionally wonderful day. And most days out here are. But today is especially so. I got some really amazing news at 6.04am as I stood blurry eyed over the porridge pot making Lula’s breakfast. I can’t tell you what just yet but will do in due course. Anyway feeling happy equates to feeling the need to shop and buy pretty things. I’ve been keeping myself on a leash but now I felt I deserved a treat.

And this folks is what I bought:

A new breakfast bowl. though this implies we have old ones. When in fact all we have and all I've been eating my cornflakes out of for the last 6 weeks is this:

My cornflake receptacle.

But now I have a bowl. I didn’t go all out. I only bought one. Which means John is still eating his rice krispies out of a cup or a tupperware container.

I also bought this:

because what wrong can Donald Draper not right?

and then I bought these. Just because

pruttteee shiny things

Ahhh don’t you just love shopping? Doesn’t it just put a smile on your lips?

And look. Something money can’t buy.

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