playtime at Pelangi

peanut butter and chocolate

sunday walk through rice paddies to Sari Organic


kind of what it looks like. Sunset. rice paddy.

Kadek is really good at folding. our wardrobe is like the display table at Gap.

2 thoughts on “photo update of beautiful things

  1. Jo Wilkie de Rosal says:

    Beautiful pictures. Great to see some other volcanoes the other side of the world. You just can´t beat them.
    Film festival about to start here, my husband runs it. I need to ask about that film you were talking about. I think I saw it too years ago. Have a feeling it is something to do with Jaguars …… or maybe I´m getting my cats mixed up.

    Are any of the volcanoes live in Bali? I can´t remember. I did go there in 98 when I was living in HK. I loved it but has Ubud got enough going on outside laughing Yoga or colonic irrigation? I suppose you are finding out!!

    We are supposed to be going to La Habana next but if that falls through I am thinking we should just take off for peaceful narco free Asia!

    1. boublog says:

      Yes maybe it was Jaguars! that sounds more like it.
      Yes the volcanoes are live. last one blew in 67.
      Ubud is a very, very different place. I went too in 1997 and it’s not even recognisable now. It’s got plenty to keep you busy in terms of alternative things but also I help out with the school fundraising and I’m writing every day too. There’s lots of creative, entrepreneurial ex-pats too, good food, plenty of great trips to do. It might not keep me enthused for 30 years but between here, 3 months in europe each year and trips to the states for my books I’m HAPPY!

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