At the start of every year I always make a list of all the things that I want to do in that year.

2010’s list went like this:

1.     Travel around the world

2.     Get published

3.     Find a new home

4.     Write two more books

5.     Learn to meditate

6.     Road trip USA

7.     Swim every day

8.     Take up yoga again

This year I achieved nearly everything. Even the yoga. Just this Sunday I dragged my sorry arse to the first yoga class I’ve been to since Alula herniated my L4 L5 discs trying to be born.

I didn’t learn to meditate. But I did get myself a maid and I think that maybe tops the meditation. It certainly brings calm, happiness and joy into my life and clears away the clutter.

Meditation has been on my list for three years running and has consistently earned itself a big red X.  I will put it on the list for 2011 again with note to self to try harder.

So, anyway, because I believe wholeheartedly in the power of a) lists b) manifestation c) telling the universe what I hope for (wait – is that the same things as manifestation?) here is my list for 2011.

1.     Have a book launch or two or three (including one at Ubud Literary Festival)

2.     Make a book trailer in LA

3.     Start to make oodles of money

4.     Do a house exchange somewhere gorgeous

5.     Go to Thailand or somewhere else in SE Asia for a little jaunt

6.     Ecstatic dance regularly

7.     Give up cooking, although this will bankrupt Bali’s aluminum saucepan producing factories.

8.     Write 3 books

9.    Write 1 screenplay (because, hell, why not?)

10.     Eat only Raw chocolate (in chocolate terms, not as in eating nothing but raw chocolate. Though that does sound tempting).

11.   Stop swearing

12. Get reviewed by Lainey Gossip (well)

13. Learn Indonesian

14. Hire a PA and a driver

15. Ensure channel 4 makes misfits season 3 by whichever means necessary

16. Spend NYE 2011 at the Four Seasons drinking magnums of champagne, toasting another superlatively amazing year.

17. Woops I almost forgot. Meditate. Daily. In order to…

18. …Find spiritual enlightenment but not if that means forsaking no. 3 (om shanti shanti om)

19. Buy furniture finally for the house.

20. And a swimming pool

let’s see how well I do at ticking these things off the list.


One thought on “My to do list for 2011

  1. Esther says:

    Happy Christmas Sarah! And may all your dreams come true in the new year x

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