I just read this on someone’s facebook page:

Plant Sourced Only (Vegan) Diet is key in this time of evolution on the planet. Eating animals and their milk and eggs lowers our vibration. It takes spiritual power and energy to hold true to plant sourced only. We are light beings! While there is a wave of people moving back to eating animals to ground themselves in this evolutionary time, there is an even greater wave of warriors waking up and holding the light.

I pondered this and then wrote my New year’s resolutions. I apologise in advance for offending some of you.

1. Ground self in this evolutionary time and lower my vibration by eating more steak.

2. Ditto chocolate

3. Stop trying to be healthy, it’s making me sick. Go back to eating burgers, chips, ice cream and chocolate.

5. Buy more lipstick

6. Never ever stroke a stranger’s face again whilst staring into their eyes and sending them the love of the universe, even if told to do so by the teacher of the class. Don’t. Leave. Just leave. Promise self you’ll leave.

7. Ditto never hold hands with 30 random strangers again and pretend to be a choo choo train.

8. Stop swearing at the men who yell ‘transport transport’. Retain equanimity at all times.

9. learn to stop rolling eyeballs

10. Ditto flaring nostrils

11. Stop trying to be a light being when clearly I am not one.


Hope this year is as full of fabulousness, adventures and wonder as our 2010 was and 2011 is going to be.

And more full of steak.

sarah x

chocolate – it’s the way forward!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Andy Pag says:

    Happy new year to all the family and to all the freaks and freakophiles in Ubud.

    I’m asking myself Sarah; can you live there?

    1. boublog says:

      Happy NY to you and Chris too. Can I live here? Well, I am living here…and even with all the crazies I still love it.

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