This week at Alula’s school they’ve been focussing on love. Who said anything about her being at a hippy dippy school?

I don’t care what GCSE results she gets if this is what she learns though. Firstly she came home on Monday and said to me: ‘ Mummy why doesn’t granny like you?’

And I said something like ‘errrrrrr’

And she answered, ‘But you need to love each other. We have hearts. We have to love everybody. That’s what they’re for.’

I was totally bowled over by the wisdom spouting from a not yet five year old.

Then yesterday she was asked to write a letter about love. I have posted it here because it’s beautiful and because I think our daughter might just be the most fully enlightened, heart beautiful person I know.

Dear TKA (her class)

I love all my friends.I still love my friends when they are naughty and when they cry.

I love all the teachers. I really love the letters I’m learning in TKA and I get to colour some of the pictures. I love every teacher because I can learn with them and make pictures.

I hope your heart feels so good so you don’t get sick. If the person got sick I would still love him or her. Even if they were not my friend I would still love them because if they get sick it’s very sad and I don’t want them to be sick.

Love from Alula

2 thoughts on “The Tao of Alula

  1. Leonie says:

    Hi Sarah,
    That’s a beautiful post. Alula is awesome, there’s a knowing look in her eyes that I like – makes her beautiful rather than just four year old cute. Also wanted to say that I’ve put your blog in my ‘following’ list on my new blog, Rush Hour with Twins. Oh and I’ve pre ordered your book on Amazon! Leonie

  2. boublog says:

    hey leonie!
    Thank you. I was reading your blog yesterday. What a beautiful thing. Your gorgeous girls will one day love to read that. Alula I think will just be embarrassed by me and my rantings. Ahh well.

    And thank you for the pre-order! Hope you like it! Nic read it when it was a work very much in progress so she can tell you all about it. I based the character of Sara on her (well her hair anyway).

    hope to see you in the summer when I”m back in London

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