It’s John’s birthday next week. I took him out for an early celebration on Sunday. We went to buy a drum. But the man is fussier about drums than he is about socks. Anyway, then he got a massage (not from me – don’t be stupid) and then dinner.

I did a search online and thought I’d take him to a Japanese restaurant up the road, not the home cooking place we go to where you can eat for a dollar, not the slightly more upmarket place which does California rolls that I’d sell my mother for but the even more upmarket place further up the road called Minami, where we’ve never been owing to it being upmarket and further up the road.

We arrive, are seated in a beautiful garden and set to ordering bento, sushi, sashimi, cocktails, edamame, the works. And it’s all gorgeous.

John spends most his time looking over at the neighbouring table. I’m like ‘Dude, I’m right here stop looking at the guy with the furry sideburns,’

‘But that’s Stefan Sagmeister,’ John says.

‘Who?’ I ask. ‘He looks like Bill from True Blood.’

‘He’s only one of the most famous designers in the world.’

‘What does he design? ‘I ask, thinking it sure ain’t clothes. And – I wish it was Alex Skarsgard. Or even Bill. I could get him to go ‘sooooookie’

‘Album covers and stuff,’ John answers, breaking through my reverie.

John spends much of our meal staring over at Stefan, in much the same way I would stare if it was Alex Skarsgard. In much the same way I stare at my sake-tini as it diminishes.

At the end of the meal they bring us the bill. And guess what? It’s free. As in. FREE. As in ‘the meal’s on us.’ The owner, the waiter explains, wants to do a pay it forward type of experiment. If every person in the world followed this lead, it would only take 20 days for every person in the world to have something amazing done for them. Though I’m sure some people would be more popular than others and others wouldn’t have anyone do anything nice for them…so how would that work? What did Haley Joel Osment discover? Did it work for him and Kevin Spacey? Didn’t he die? I hated that film. But regardless…

My first thought was ‘wow, that’s amazing!’, my second thought was, ‘if I’d have known that I’d have ordered ten plates of sashimi.’ My third thought was ‘crikey now I have to think of three wonderful things to do for people to pay it forward.’

John and I are working on our big three favours. I’m hoping at least two of his will involve me as the recipient. He says this defies the point.

2 thoughts on “Pay it forward, sideburns and sushi

  1. Liz Dawes says:

    I don’t often put my hand up for voluntary work – I’m just too busy these days – but now and again I manage to squeeze in a good deed. So if in any way I can help you by becoming a recipient of something free and lovely from you, do let me know. I’ll do my very best to accommodate.

    1. boublog says:

      ha ha! Ok, will put my thinking hat on…it might take a while but it will come to you…x

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