For your entertainment I thought I’d treat you to a sample of the search terms used to find my site:

big hips

being sarah alderson

disneyland makes me hate people

porn hard core most viewed top

where can i live in a feminist run town

irish poo and wee

how to keep cockroaches away india train

jamie oliver e-nummers

sex in Ubud

phantom headphone syndrome

can you live in an airstream year round?

unting lila

is the lady in breakfast with tiffany’s crazy?

I think I have trush

what’s d best thing to do when a girl has no money and her boyfriend insists she get d money to lodge in a hotel?

who is the cray lady sat next to me

liver by louis bernieres

naked “tape measure”

“colonic” blog “stuck up my”

men that have colon tubes pushed up their ass

can someone be crazy to live

big irish bear

willy up my ass

i wonder why we cant live on any planets?

were does alex skarsgard live

alexander skarsgard laying in bed covered by a sheet

approaching crazy getting crazier

dead in the alley

primark look i’ve got a camel toe

see you of the cosmic party in 2012

eric northman eats edwards

big boobs girl in t sherts in india

homemade terminator t-800

cool stuff 2 do with sideburns


  1. people really can’t spell
  2. I’m about to get a lot more sexual deviants finding my site
  3. Google search needs to improve its algorithms
  4. There are a lot of crazy people in the world and not just living in Ubud.
  5. There are lots of people stalking Alex Skarsgard (all you Askars fans/stalkers buy my book Hunting Lila – I had him in mind when I visualized my lead character…mmmmm)
  6. Someone wants to make their own Terminator. Why?

One thought on “The weird and plain deviant words that lead people here

  1. this is so funny! I have just started my blog so please visit me. I was told by an expert blogger the other night that I was very naive with my blog title as it has madness in it and nobody can spell serendipity even if they know what it means. I felt very put in my place for a moment and then I retorted that I am more than happy for all the mad and crazy people to come and read me anyway. It may make for some very interesting comments. Its early days but I just had some strange comment about the paranormal psychic world …….

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