‘Kadek’s good at making pancakes,’ Alula says, ‘but she can’t even do a puzzle.’

It’s true. She can’t.

And this being the Easter holidays this means I am without child-acceptable child care. Or I was. Until a manny fell into my lap.

I have a manny. Well I don’t. Alula does.

And for free. I’m not paying him a bean. AND, the good news is he’s going nowhere.

Mainly because he got hit by a scooter the other day and broke his leg in two places. This is where I admit the manny is actually a friend who  is now staying with us because on crutches he can’t hop the 50 steps down to his stunning place on the Sayan ridge…I did think about suggesting a life swap, where I’d take his house, and hang out in his plunge pool whilst he hung out on my veranda with his foot up watching cartoons with Lula for the next two weeks but thought it a little unfair. They only gave him so much pain medication.

Alula is loving the disabled manny with the 70 hours of The last airbender on his computer. She thinks he is the funniest person in the world. EVER. and has taken to drawing him love letters and making me write him notes because after the first fifty her hand cramped. Earlier she made me write ‘I love you and you love me and I will love you forever even when you’re dead and I forget you’ and then decorated it with hearts and swirls.

So for two weeks I’m able to escape upstairs, leaving Alula curled up by the manny who doesn’t know I’m secretly calling him this, hoping that he doesn’t notice when I move his crutches out of grasping/hopping reach.

The manny / my friend is trying to book a flight out of here, back to Europe. I tell him he might want to think about letting the swelling go down first, that really he should stay the whole two months it will take to recuperate in case his foot explodes on the plane. But I think he’s getting quite anxious now to leave.

Thoughts of Cathy Bates spring into my mind. Today I’m going to the hardware store to buy myself a sledgehammer.

He’s not going anywhere.

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