This time last year I wrote a Thanksgiving blog post where I went all Ubud and listed all the things I was grateful for. I think it included things like not having to commute, not having to manage people any more, living in Bali, living in Bali, living in Bali.

And even though I’m not American and I still am not entirely sure what Thanksgiving is about (though I do know it involves pilgrims and turkey and not as John believed the civil war (which I think he was confusing with the American War of Independence anyway because unlike me he’s never read a Bernard Cornwall novel) I’m going to do it again for 2011. It’s easier than doing NY resolutions because I just have to say thank you – I don’t have to give up chocolate or try to meditate or learn Indonesian.

This year I’m giving thanks for the following:

Living in Bali…sorry I have to include this again. I mean…can you believe it’s been this long already? And no I’m still not bored.

Bali Buddha – for delivering sometimes as much as three times a day to my house.

Friends – I have made so many amazing friends since I moved to Bali. Truly wonderful supportive hilarious adventurous inspiring incredible people.

My kindle! Thank you John. This has truly revolutionized my life, more than the humble french fry, throne toilets, chocolate and Spotify. It has also bankrupted me.

A husband who lets me go to the Gili islands. Actually he didn’t just let me he insisted I go, sensing quite rightly that if he didn’t I might try to discover whether I could fly from our balcony.

The fact that Alula is no longer acting like a child possessed. Thank you GOD. This year has tested me to the limits of human endurance – Bear Grylls can take his amazonian arctic public school boy adventures and stick ’em in the file marked tame. He’s never had to go vs. Alula. But it appears that this Omenically terrifying phase is now over. Bring on the teenage years. I’m now ready for anything – piercings, pregnancies, expulsions, arrests… I laugh in the face of such things.

The universe once more. Because I love you universe. Two years ago I had almost finished writing my first book having been partly inspired by watching Generation Kill and quite liking the bit when Alex Skarsgard took his shirt off and ran around pretending to be a plane. Today Hunting Lila is actually for sale in actual bookshops being bought by actual people. AND my friend who happens also to quite handily be a beautiful and successful actress met Alex Skarsgard’s best friend the other week whilst in LA and told him all about Hunting Lila and the character Alex and how the actual Alex Skarsgard was the inspiration which makes me come across as some huge author stalker  and I’m half expecting a restraining order any day but let’s not think about that and let’s think about the fact that quite clearly the universe is slowly slowly pulling me towards the inevitable conclusion of a casting couch and Askars sitting beside me with no clothes on showing me his best plane impression.

believe it.

How exciting to contemplate what next year’s thanksgiving list will include…

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving belatedly

  1. Alison aka cocktail buddhist says:

    so funny and grateful all at one- what a cool combination

    tips for Gili Trewangan would be gratefully received as i’m landing in Bali next saturday and heading off there after a couple of days

    and then the yoga barn, and then finding a vodka martini! our paths may cross again doing either..

    1. boublog says:

      We stayed at Bale Sampan which was really nice. Trattoria is a really good restaurant. Hire a bicycle for the duration – so much fun. There’s a really great vintage clothes shop behind the square where they have a night market. And give me a shout when you’re in Ubud!

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