I’m busy ordering feather pillows and silk thermals online for our return to England.

Let’s put that into perspective. We don’t yet have a house to live in.

I think my feather pillows might be a little premature unless I plan to use them to make the pavement more comfy. I have a feeling psychologists might call my shopping for comfort items rather than for a place TO LIVE an ‘avoidance strategy.’ In which case bring on the avoidance strategy. I’m spending hours trying to find a sexy silk thermal onesie when I should probably be searching for two bedroom flats in Zone 2, and the only thing I’ve discovered is that Google fries its own synapses when you try to search for sexy silk thermal onesies. Nothing comes up.

In between searching for onesies I am also single parenting, working full time (I have 3 books to write in 3 different genres for 3 different publishers in 2 different names in 4 months, plus 2 other books to promote at the same time), all while packing up a house to move continents. You may well ask whether I’m taking speed to cope. No, not speed. Valium. It’s a miracle drug.

Anyway, this is to explain why I’ve told John the House Issue is on him. I’m just far too busy to deal with that. After all I’m also packing up HIS stuff that he left behind for me to deal with. Inside the suitcase he tossed his things into for ‘shipping’ I find the following: a stapler, paperclips, pencils, a net bag, a Bintang shopping bag, an eraser, a dry cleaning cover… I could go on but you get the idea.

I stare at the contents of the bag and think ‘hmmmm, we could pay thousands of dollars to ship a box of paperclips and some stationery from Bintang OR I could throw all this away. It’s not like John is going to miss any of this stuff, I’ll just tell him I misunderstood and thought he said that was the bag of stuff for the charity shop.’

I know I’m safe to do this because a) I don’t think he reads my blog and b) when we left England we filled an entire garage with boxes and within three weeks of leaving the UK we couldn’t remember what was in a single one of them, so what are the chances John will even remember about this bag, let alone the contents of it?

I am on a mission to leave Bali with just the 23kg suitcase I am allowed and will ship only one box of books that I cannot bear to be parted from (OK, and a little ganesha statue).

I want lightness. I don’t want baggage. It’s easier than you’d think to do this, because unlike John, I don’t get sentimental about paperclips.

I am giving away all my books and all my clothes. I won’t be needing them after all as I intend to just spend the winter wearing my sexy silk thermal onesie.

4 thoughts on “Thermal Onesies and avoidance strategies

  1. I am hooked, where did you find the silk thermal onesies? I just spent far too long the other day looking for silk slip dresses (I bought mine in summer in Italy, what made me think I’d find them in winter in England?) and any tips for anything thermal and /or silk are gold dust to me!

    1. SarahAlderson says:

      I didn’t find a onesie unfortunately so made do with silk / cotton mix leggings and long sleeved tops from Marks & Spencer! super comfy and warm. I’m living in them.

      1. Ah what a shame. I was salivating at the thought of finding a silk onesie – Instead I’m living in Icebreaker base layers, which cost the same as gold and I refuse to take them off, ever. (I buy individual pieces of Icebreaker when I find them on heavily reduced sale). I hope you had a warm Christmas & beautiful start to the new year. xo

  2. Deborah says:

    Oh! the one time I write drivel on a blog, it goes through to moderator. i hope this goes through. Thank you Sarah. I laughed at your list of things you won’t miss about Bali (and hope you still are happy you are not there) I however am about to go there for 6 months. I remember last time in Ubud for 3 weeks I was quite glad to return home (Australia) and you reminded me of some of the reasons. Actually, Australians do not like the sun as much as northern hemisphere folk.
    I don’t know what a ‘onesie’ is but am picturing one of those baby grow suits for adults. Feather pillows! Now you are talking. I have been to Ubud about 6 times for holidays and am stretching my brain to think about what I should take. Last night I wrote down 1. wine (how to pack without shatter?) 2. feather pillows 3. perhaps a cotton sheet or two 3. good quality UHT milk 4. ear plugs or work out how to find a place that is not in a construction zone. That is hard.
    5. insect repellent and sunscreen as they are exp over there. Anything else you can recommend? Husband will be working in Vietnam so I’ll have the 12 yr old to send to school. Not looking forward to the drive to school as I remember how long it takes to drive anywhere. We used to go everywhere in the back of utes and pay a small fee but they have all gone and motor bikes have taken over. I am sure you miss mango. Deborah

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