This week I said yes to a lot of things.

On Thursday I took part in a Goddess ceremony.

It told me I needed to do a past life regression. (I haven’t said yes to that yet).

On Saturday I wore a black tutu and went ecastatic dancing in a rice paddy.  There were a few people who looked like Jesus. Some guy climbing a pole summoning the gyrating, screaming yoga girls before him with the circular thrust of his hips. Someone wearing a ripped jumpsuit with buffalo fur kneecaps and someone in a tutu looking like a young Madonna. That last one was me. I needed a disguise after the last blog post I did about ecstatic dancing got made public on the ecstatic dance page for Bali.

Unfortunately this time there was no Rambert Ballet style posturing. No orgasmic screaming. No waistcoats over bare chests. No pillow talk with god. It was disappointing. We skipped out before the end – before the sitting in a circle holding hands and sending love to the universe part.

This week I also said yes to letting an ankle biting Bali dog stay for a few hours. The hours turned into three days. This has taught me that Bali dogs are vile (please if you want to argue with me on this – just don’t. JUST DON’T. Go back to writing cheques for BAWA). And b) that I’m obviously losing my touch for letting people know what I think.

What am I talking about?  I always let people know what I think. Well, I let you lot know. I don’t actually let the people I’m talking about know, I’m too busy blogging about them.

Maybe that’s the problem.

So this week I feel I’ve said yes too much. It’s affecting my sanity. So tomorrow my resolution for the week ahead is to say no. Unless it’s to raw passion fruit pie, watching mad men season 4, Alex Skarsgard or having a massage.

In which case yes, yes, YES, yes.

One thought on “Learning to say no

  1. Meg says:

    bless your little heart Sarah. We all get hopped up on green juice and a little mental now and then. Use the power of the NO, add the F-off for extra panache. I still think the tutu was a solid decision though.

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