I’m dance walking twice a week. Not once. Twice.

I visit Alchemy regularly and pay ridiculous amounts of money for raw chocolate (sweetened with stevia…stevia, what’s that you ask? I’ve no idea…) when perfectly decent Cadbury’s is available for half the price.

I spent fifty quid on a bottle of Vitamineral Green and I drink it every day.

I did a liver cleanse where I drank 800ml of Epsom salts and 200ml of olive oil (then spent a lot of time on the loo).

I dragged Alula and John out of an abandoned house we were nosying around telling John that ‘I can feel the evil spirits in this place, let’s scram.’ (he did agree on the heebeegeebeeness of the place…it was festering.)

I don’t laugh when people tell me about their latest experience of black magic (a daily occurrence in this town). Instead I nod wisely and hand them a crystal.

I meditate every day (or try to, at least).

I’m paying two hundred quid towards the ceremony our landlady is organizing to bless our new swimming pool. You DO NOT want to mess with spirits and water in this country as I’ve come to understand. You bless that pool and offer the spirits ritz crackers, flowers, rice and prayers or you are asking for trouble.

I found myself explaining today what the transit of venus was.

Oh, and what an eclipse in Sagittarius means.

And the benefits of chlorella to the immune system.

And where to go for the best colonic in town (based on rumour only, I’ve only ever had one – never again).

And where to go for the best astrology reading for couples.

And where to go for the best veydic astrology reading.

And who to see for homeopathic remedies.

My limited Indonesian covers ‘Tidak Plastik’ (no plastic) and ‘saya mau satu kelapa muda tolong’ ‘I’d like a young coconut please.’

I asked John if he wanted to go to Kirtan tonight.

I caught myself wearing my yoga getup all day on Thursday. Even out of the house.

I’ve started wearing my hair in a topknot everyday because I’ve realised (after a year of experimenting) that it’s the only position to wear your hair that makes sense when doing pilates.

I chanted a mantra last night before bed.

I eat salad every day. Often twice a day.

I have Down to Earth take-out on my speed-dial.

2 thoughts on “Signs that I’ve become a fully-fledged Ubudian

  1. tanya says:

    love this post sarah. you have a real knack at bringing it all alive. i also rather like the new sarah….. with that English irony being slowly eroded…. (though never too much). xxxx tanya

  2. leila says:

    Oh yeah girl!! I remember you when I first met you!! And the day when you got tarot cards..and our little goddess manifestation sessions…..you were heading down this path…..inevitable that you are transforming into top-knot ubudian….Amazing!!…

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